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digital money

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Evaluation of Technologies Suitable for Commercialization


Businesses, irrespective of their size, strive for commercialization to increase the overall revenue. The technology business is no exception to such companies. Big companies who sell gadgets, software, online services, and online platforms struggle for better commercialization. So why is commercialization the center of attention? It’s pretty easy to guess. Yes, it increases your sales and demand, but it does much more than that! It helps you reach more clients through other companies. Read more: Technology Empowerment for Organizations Technology Upgrade: Necessity of Organization Here you...

Digital money 1

Digital Money: Financial Revolution


Digital money is a pure currency available in digital form. It is not a solid asset like cash or other commodities like gold or oil. Digital money can include cryptocurrency, but it is not limited to them. Most of the digital money in the world is owned by banking institutions. Banks have been able to keep their investments low thanks to digital money because they do not have to pay rent or retail in so many physical places or to employees they don't need. Digital money, or digital currency, is any form of money or payment only available in electronic form. Digital money lacks solid structures...