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LinkedIn Is Preparing Something New

LinkedIn has decided to continue to improve its platform and has focused specifically on content creators. A year after they promoted "creator mode", novelties are now arriving in the form of new analytics and various video options, which will help creators on this platform. Analytics will be improved and it will be easier to track the progress of the announcements. They will have target groups, they will be able to see exactly who is watching their content. … Read More »

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TikTok on Strike - Meta Organized a Media Attack?

Targeted Victory worked against TikTok, trying to present TikTok as an application that is a danger to American children and American society through the media and lobbying through its campaign, reports the "Washington Post". The Washington Post states that Targeted Victory aimed to send a message to the world, that although Meta is currently a bag for hitting the whole world, that TikTok is in fact the greatest danger to children and society, especially as a foreign application and currently a number one in the world, and spreads propaganda through its platform. The American media report that... … Read More »

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Netflix Bought Another Gaming Studio

Netflix has bought another gaming studio, the third in the last six months. Boss Fight Entertainment is now owned by Netflix. They bought Night School Studio last September, and earlier this month they bought Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales. The mission of the Boss Fight studio is to bring a simple, beautiful and interesting gaming experience to our players, wherever they want to play video games. It is good that we do not have to worry about monetization and our goal will be to make games without commercials. have joined Netflix and will continue to help develop games on Netflix all together."... … Read More »

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After Microsoft and Samsung, Lapsus$ Claims to Have Hacked Okta As Well

A well-known hacker group, called Lapsus$, claims to have hacked Okta's internal systems. Okta is a company that offers authentication services, which are used by a large number of companies around the world. The company announced that it is checking the allegations of the Lapsus$ group about hacking and potential data theft. Lapsus$ points out that he had access to Okta's systems for two months, but that the focus of the hackers was only on Okta's clients. The company has more than 15,000 users, including various government agencies, universities, but also standard companies. Okte's clients... … Read More »

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Google Is Buying a Cyber Security Company

Google announced today that it will buy the cyber security company Mandiant for $5.4 billion in cash, due to the strong growth of its business in the cloud computing segment. Google, which owns Alphabet, has offered a price of $23 per share, which is a premium of about 53 percent compared to the price of Mandiant shares before media reports that rival Microsoft is considering buying the cyber company, Reuters reports. The acquisition could strengthen Google's cloud business, which generates more than $19 billion a year but loses billions of dollars a year, and help the company compete in... … Read More »

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Meta Is Looking for Talents Across Europe: They Need 10,000 People to Work From Home

At the end of 2021 alone, Germany lacked as many as 96,000 experts from the IT industry. Once Facebook, and now Meta, when we talk about the company, but not about the social network that kept its name - it has big plans for 2022, at least judging by what is being talked about and written about these days. As we wrote last year, Mark Zuckerberg's empire wants to focus on the Metaverse in the future, with people already starting to pay millions of dollars for virtual land. Also, Facebook, or Meta, was a pioneer in telecommuting when the pandemic began, maintaining the view that such a regime... … Read More »