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NFT Marketplace 1

Facebook and Instagram are preparing to enter the NFT market


Meta platforms will give users the opportunity to display their token collections on their profiles. Facebook and Instagram are creating a future in which users will have the opportunity to display irreplaceable tokens (NFTs) they have on their social media profiles. Teams working on it are currently developing a prototype that will help users create collector's tokens, according to sources familiar with the situation. Two people, who wished to remain anonymous, also stated that the company Meta is considering creating a store for NFT trading. The project, they say, is still in the early...

Microsoft 1

All companies bought by MICROSOFT for more than a billion dollars


The announcement of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft caused a lot of storm in the IT market. However, although it will be the largest so far, it is not the only major acquisition of the company from Redmond. Microsoft was founded in 1975, and during all these years it has gathered a large number of companies, businesses and services. The first company that Microsoft ever bought was Forethought, and the acquisition was made in 1987 for 14 million dollars. Forethought was the creator of the presentation program, later known as PowerPoint. Although not one of Microsoft's...

Social media 1

Benefits of Social Media Stories in Business


Nowadays, social media stories are a popular means to promote your goods and services to your customers. Almost everyone has a smartphone today, and billions of people use social media apps. Social media stories help you to promote your services and also catch your targeted audience. Social media stories are just of 15 to 20-second videos or pictures. It appears only for a day on your website. It helps you to promote your business well and help you engage with your audience. You should upload your stories regularly, make it attractive, and follow the customers' needs and wants. Today you can...

Environment 1

Business Environment Explained


The business environment is one of the terms that refer to the factors and forces that affect the business company's ability to build and maintain their customers for the future. It includes some elements that are customers, competitors, suppliers, along with government, social, political, legal, and technological factors. The Environment significantly impacts people's lives, same goes for the business environment as it reflects on the people. We are in an environment that involves several changes after some time. Business needs to be ready because if those changes are not implemented in the...

Business analyst 1

Business Analyst Role Explained


A business analyst is someone who analyses an organization or business in order to manage records, procedures, and systems while also analyzing the business model for its integration with technology, in short, all of the processes that occur in the firm. Through the data analysis technique, the analyst assists organizations in enhancing their services, products, procedures, and software. A business analyst's major responsibility is to perform market research and analyze the company's product lines as well as its overall profitability. In addition, creating and monitoring data quality measures...

Remarketing 1

Remarketing Explained


Remarketing is an effective way to engage with former users of your products and services. They send them advertisements so that they can search for you on Google. It can enhance your brand's recognition and sales by automatically increasing your SEO ranking. You can easily encourage your previous users by providing discounts and sales offers to them. There are several more accessible marketing strategies that show the ad to customers and encourage them to visit their website or use their app. These ads also offer certain extra services to their former users and visitors, which attracts...