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Meta Is Looking for Talents Across Europe: They Need 10,000 People to Work From Home

At the end of 2021 alone, Germany lacked as many as 96,000 experts from the IT industry. Once Facebook, and now Meta, when we talk about the company, but not about the social network that kept its name - it has big plans for 2022, at least judging by what is being talked about and written about these days. As we wrote last year, Mark Zuckerberg's empire wants to focus on the Metaverse in the future, with people already starting to pay millions of dollars for virtual land. Also, Facebook, or Meta, was a pioneer in telecommuting when the pandemic began, maintaining the view that such a regime... … Read More »

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Meta is Not Leaving Europe

Meta announced that it has no intention of leaving the European market. Information has emerged that due to problems with European regulations regarding the transfer of personal data between the EU and the US, they may shut down Facebook and Instagram in the EU , but now they have denied it from Meta. They issued a statement stating that the information about the alleged threat and leaving the European market is incorrect. From Meta, they say that they have no intention of doing that. Users in Europe can relax. … Read More »

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Google Analytics Is Facing Problems In The EU

Austrian data protection authorities have banned the use of Google Analytics services on sites in Europe, due to violations of GDPR standards. In December last year, the court ruled as follows: "In the opinion of the data protection authorities, the Google Analytics tool (at least in the version of 14 August 2020) cannot therefore be used in accordance with the requirements of 'Chapter V' of the GDPR ". According to this decision, Google Analytics is not compatible with European Union law. It all started when activist Max Schrems and his group "None of your Business (NOYB)" filed a lawsuit... … Read More »

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The EU Wants to Quadruple the Production of Microchips by 2030

The European Commission will soon unveil a plan to quadruple European production of electronic chips by 2030, and it will be one of the main initiatives of European industry, crucial from a geopolitical point of view. "We want to reach 20% of world production by 2030, knowing that the market should double by then. It is therefore a question for Europe to multiply its own production by four," said European Commissioner for Internal Trade Thierry Breton. for the French newspaper Les Echos. The global economy is now facing a shortage of semiconductors, while demand has increased due to increasing... … Read More »