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Environment 1

Business Environment Explained

The business environment is one of the terms that refer to the factors and forces that affect the business company's ability to build and maintain their customers for the future. It includes some elements that are customers, competitors, suppliers, along with government, social, political, legal, and technological factors. The Environment significantly impacts people's lives, same goes for the business environment as it reflects on the people. We are in an environment that involves several changes after some time. Business needs to be ready because if those changes are not implemented in the... … Read More »

Marketing 1

Marketing Environment and Types

Marketing environment refers to the factor and forces that affect a person's ability to build and maintain successful customer relationships. The marketing environment involves both the external and internal forces that affect the business. These forces may be from the technological or the cultural forces that influence the customers, competitors, and suppliers. In a marketing environment, you identify the consumer's demands and keep in mind the factors and decisions that a customer takes before buying the items. Marketers try to predict the changes that take place, including all the future... … Read More »