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What Is Employer Branding and How to Manage It?

The term "employer brand" was first used in 1990 by Simon Barrow, president of People in Business, and since then, there have been many different definitions in the last 30 years. During the last decade, employer branding, ie. employer branding has become a hot topic for many companies in the region. But being a topic within a company does not necessarily mean giving it priority or fully understanding what it is all about. In this text, we will try to explain what employer branding really is. How do we define the goals, what are the typical challenges, how to start the whole process and how to... … Read More »

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Employee Advocacy Overview

Employee advocacy is simply promoting your company and organization by people who work for it, particularly those who advocate for their employers on social media platforms. Many businesses and organizations work hard to expand their online reach to set up employees' advocacy programs for this purpose. Employee advocacy helps your organization to increase growth sales and also differentiate your organization from others. Employee advocacy is one of the most beneficial methods to engage a new audience. Benefits of Employee Advocacy Following are the benefits of employee advocacy to the... … Read More »