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The NFT Craze Is Slowly Subsiding

Although there is evidence that the NFT market is slowly stabilizing, there are currently no worrying elements when it comes to prices and sales. The average selling price of irreplaceable tokens fell below $2,000 for the first time, compared to a maximum price of nearly $6,900 on Jan. 2. This is information from the NonFungible site, which tracks industry statistics. The data also show that total daily sales averaged $26.2 million during March 3rd. It is interesting that since February 24, when Russia's military action in Ukraine began, the average selling price of NFTs has dropped by about... … Read More »

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The popularity of NFT as a concept is growing day by day, opening new spaces for digital content trade. However, all jobs that generate a large amount of money attract the attention of hackers and other malicious users. Whether you are familiar with the NFT concept or not, its popularity is undeniable. Artists around the world are selling digital rights to their work to other users, who are apparently willing to pay serious money for digital ownership of a piece. On the wave of NFT popularity, the OpenSea platform has become the most popular place to trade NFTs. Unfortunately, this information... … Read More »

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Facebook and Instagram are preparing to enter the NFT market

Meta platforms will give users the opportunity to display their token collections on their profiles. Facebook and Instagram are creating a future in which users will have the opportunity to display irreplaceable tokens (NFTs) they have on their social media profiles. Teams working on it are currently developing a prototype that will help users create collector's tokens, according to sources familiar with the situation. Two people, who wished to remain anonymous, also stated that the company Meta is considering creating a store for NFT trading. The project, they say, is still in the early... … Read More »