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Entrepreneurship 1

Social Entrepreneurship Explained


Social entrepreneurship is an approach by individuals and groups. This term refers to the startup companies and entrepreneurs who resolve the cultural, environmental, and social issues. A social entrepreneur works for it and serves the community-based problems. These individuals are willing to take risks and put in efforts to resolve the issues and bring about a change. The main goal of social entrepreneurship is to recognize the opportunities to create social values and craft innovative approaches to address critical social needs. Types of Social Entrepreneurship You can find many definitions...

 Entrepreneurship 1

Startup vs. Entrepreneurship


Loop in the business has a significant role in maintaining profitability. Creating a business means adding value to their products and delivering to their customer and getting paid for the entire project after it is completed and closed. Still, in the case of entrepreneurs, they complete their task by thinking the idea after opportunity assessments because it ensures profit, but it doesn't bother a startup. It is a significant risk that any business faces i.e. the business debt and how to pay them off. Also read: 6 Stages of a Startup Startup Ideas: Making it a Success 4 Major Mistakes...