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Employee advocacy is simply promoting your company and organization by people who work for it, particularly those who advocate for their employers on social media platforms.

Many businesses and organizations work hard to expand their online reach to set up employees' advocacy programs for this purpose. Employee advocacy helps your organization to increase growth sales and also differentiate your organization from others.

Employee advocacy is one of the most beneficial methods to engage a new audience.

Benefits of Employee Advocacy

Following are the benefits of employee advocacy to the organization;

  • Employee advocacy helps in the promotion of the organization by its employees.
  • Employee advocacy also promotes a good business picture to other people and raises brand awareness.
  • Employees share the organization's content on social media and update it timely, which increases the engagement of an organization's website.
  • Advocacy also guarantees that your workers are empowered to become brand ambassadors in your organization.

Tips to Built-up Employees Advocacy Process

Following are some practical steps that help you to build your employee's advocacy process.

1. Provide them a Positive Environment

A good and positive environment is critical to engage the workers and employees in their work, so an organization must provide employees with a suitable work environment and opportunities to do their job best. You must provide them with comfortable equipment. Giving them favorable feedback and reinforcing it in outcomes also makes employees happy and positively influences organizational performance. Celebrate the special occasions with your employees' work anniversary, successful projects, and many more.

2. Position in an Organisation

Share ideas with your employees. When an employer shares and discusses the industry's content and communicates with the employees, they feel like a part of the organization. They also understand their position in an organization, which positively impacts employees and motivates them to work better.

3. Provide Employees with a Complete Guideline of Social Media

In employee advocacy, you can also guide your employees on the "do and don'ts" when you are representing it on social media following. Here are some guidelines given below:

  • Always reflect the organization's positive benefits.
  • Don't share promotional activities
  • Don't share personal and financial information with other people.
  • Do not use abusive and threatening language in your content.

4. Set Goals and Objectives for Advocacy of Employees

It is an essential step to set up the specific goals and objectives for employee advocacy; it improves the company's culture and meets the particular targets of an organization. Always create smart goals which are measurable, achievable, realistic, and short.


Employee advocacy is critical to keep it going because employees share regular updates about your company and organization on social media apps and websites. With the help of employee advocacy, your users get the standard details of the content and visuals of your organization. Employee advocacy works the same as the channel sharing your company's updates and latest trends with other people on social media platforms. Advocacy increase employee retention. 

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