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PowerPoint is considered as one of the best presentation software. It is easy to use and has customizable templates. But talking about the design, PowerPoint is not the most engaging platform for presentation software. Other options apart from PowerPoint for business presentations are given below:

1. Prezi

Prezi is an unique type of business presentation software as compared to PowerPoint. It also offers an interactive mind map instead of a slide presentation, which is more attractive than a visual diagram. Interact with other objects on a virtual canvas with ease. Prezi has many amazing features. There are over a hundred templates in its library for constructing your presentation. As with the sequential slides, Prezi also creates different frames that you can zoom in and out from one another. This type of feature helps you to present your views to other people and connect with them. The additional benefit of Prezi is that ten people can work on it at once.

Prezi is compatible with PCs, Mac desktops, iPhones, iPad, and other Android devices.

2. Vyond 

Vyond is also one of the best business presentation software. The best aspect is that it also displays the video, and videos have a potential to attract visitors and interest them in your presentation. They are the main source of getting attention and increasing people's understanding of the products and services you show on your display. Vyond also has features of moving text and images which looks very attractive. Vyond offers three different types of videos with thousands of templates, props, and stock characters. If you want to make animated stories, Vyond is the best platform for it. Vyond lets many people edit videos simultaneously. Vyond is considered worth investing in because it also provides novel animation features which are unique and more attractive. Vyond also creates quick snippets to use in the presentations.

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3. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a business presentation software that also allows for slide creation, but its UI is more basic, clean, and straightforward than PowerPoint's. Zoho show is the perfect choice for beginners who want minimal design skills to create their simple presentations.

Zoho show provides 17 prebuilt themes. It also has a wide gallery of animations and slide transition effects. Multiple people can view and add expressions to it at the same time. You can easily work on the Zoho Show platform by using all desktops and Android devices.

4. Google Slides 

Google slide is also one of the best business presentation software. It is better than PowerPoint. Its format is similar to the PowerPoint files on the platform.

Google Slides offers over 20 theme templates from which to build a slide presentation similar to those of PowerPoint. The display can be shared and edited at the same time. Google slides are free, which is also an advantage. You can also use Google slide on your desktop, IOS and Android devices.


You can find many business presentation software. They also provide you with different features at particular costs, so you should go through the sites and choose the suitable one according to your requirements and business demands.

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