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Sometimes you are working in an organization when you identify a bad boss or a bad manager. You must work under them because it's your job. Here are some advices you can use while treating your bad boss and bad managers for effectively coping with the situation. A good manager helps you succeed and makes you feel valued. They provide guidance for dealing with the difficulties you find in an organization.

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Still, sometimes we found terrible bosses, which is a problematic situation. They do favoritism with one person and make unfair decisions which may hurt your feelings and emotions regarding to your job. So, there are some steps which help you to deal with your bad boss:

1. He is Authority

Before arguing make sure that you are conscious that you are dealing with your boss. If you show him a bad attitude and harsh words, he will fire you automatically from the job. You may face financial problems and some mood disorders due to unemployment.

2. Identify your Boss Motivation and Interest

Firstly, you should know about the interests and motives of your boss. Know about which things he or she cares about. Know about his/ her personality. What is his/her management style?

3. Do not Let the Things Affect your Work

Make sure that attitude of boss does not affect your job and work. Your primary focus is to complete your work- and job-related tasks first in any case. You must work hard for the company on your position. Don't let your emotions and feelings overcome you. Avoid the things which feel unpleasant to your boss. Avoid extended breaks and holidays especially without informing the authorities.  

4. Set the Boundaries

It is a difficult task to work with a person you don’t like. It is heartbreaking when your boss is not equally behaving with everyone and favors the employees he likes. You should avoid bad behavior and avoid the boss as you. 

5. Stop Assuming they know Everything

As your boss or manager, he doesn't need to know everything, so stop assuming that they know everything. Keep in mind that a manager or boss is not a God who knows everything coming to your mind. Relax and focus on your work without fear that authorities know everything. 

6. Act as a Leader

When dealing with your bad boss, it is sometimes best to make some leadership decisions independently. Be your boss and do your work with full attention and efforts. 

7. Avoid Bad Bosses for Future

When you change your company in the future, keep in mind to avoid a bad boss and manager. Ask other people about the boss's behavior. Do not stick to their opinion blindly because other people may not tell truth about the company. Analyze the behavior of your boss in your interview.

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Sometimes we find an unfair boss and manager, but it is not a solution to leave the job. You should keep in mind some above steps and try to work in this situation. Finding a new job daily is difficult for everyone and unfair people are everywhere. 

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