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Xiaomi Has a Plan - More Than $15 Billion to Bring Down Apple


Xiaomi will invest more than $ 15 billion over the next five years in development and research to remove Apple from the throne of the largest smartphone maker. Their goal is to first become number one in China, and then in the global world market, and to overthrow Apple from the first place. Lei Jun, CEO and founder of Xiaomi, said their goal is to reach the full level of Apple and become number one in the next three years. Last year, Apple overtook Samsung and became the world's largest seller of mobile phones, and after six years, they became number one in China as well. There, they took...

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No Deal - Nvidia is not Buying Arm


Nvidia is no longer in the spotlight to buy Arm for $ 40 billion, according to a SoftBank announcement. According to the news, first published by the Financial Times, Nvidia will pay SoftBank $ 1.25 billion for a failed transaction. In addition, Arma CEO Simon Segars will resign. SoftBank, which owns the Arm division, now points out that Arm will be offered publicly, during the fiscal year starting on April 1. Nvidia did not comment on this information, so the company neither confirmed nor denied that the agreement on the purchase of Arma had failed. From the very beginning, the potential...

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Google Allows Businesses to Use Workspace for Free


Google's latest move concerns the improvement of Workspace, and the goal of companies that have existing email systems, but do not have access to modern productivity applications. A big selling point of the Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition is that it's free, with no "limited trial period". The Workspace Essentials Starter Edition primarily implements Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as Chat (along with Spaces) and Meet for Communication. As with a free personal account, storage space is limited to 15GB. The biggest thing missing here, of course, is Gmail. No need for...

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If You Use Passwords With These Terms, Change Them Immediately


International Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year on the second day of the second week of February, with the aim of promoting and encouraging safer and more responsible use of technology and mobile devices. So how do you protect yourself from the dangers of the internet? For starters, using secure passwords. The Daily Mail writes that new research has shown that most people still hate to come up with more secure passwords, despite the fact that many of them have been victims of hacker attacks. Dojo, a London-based card business, analyzed 100,000 passwords cracked, according to the...

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Meta is Threatening to Withdraw From Europe


Meta is considering withdrawing from the European market if it is no longer able to exchange data from European users with the United States, following the Schrems II ruling. Mark Zuckerberg's company states in a submission to the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it is considering withdrawing from the European market, and everything depends on the Schrems II verdict. In July 2020, the mechanism of transferring personal data of Europeans to America, the so-called "Privacy Shield", was declared non-criminal. The "Privacy Shield", which is in force in Serbia as well, is an...

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Google Analytics Is Facing Problems In The EU


Austrian data protection authorities have banned the use of Google Analytics services on sites in Europe, due to violations of GDPR standards. In December last year, the court ruled as follows: "In the opinion of the data protection authorities, the Google Analytics tool (at least in the version of 14 August 2020) cannot therefore be used in accordance with the requirements of 'Chapter V' of the GDPR ". According to this decision, Google Analytics is not compatible with European Union law. It all started when activist Max Schrems and his group "None of your Business (NOYB)" filed a lawsuit...