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BlackBerry 1

BlackBerry Sold Its Patents For $600 Million


Catapult IP Innovations bought BlackBerry patents for several hundred million dollars. BlackBerry was at one point one of the most important companies in the phone segment. However, today the company is just a licensed name and a collection of various patents. It was a group of such BlackBerry patents that Catapult IP Innovations bought for $ 600 million. The company raised funds through a $ 450 million loan, with a promise to pay off the remaining $ 150 million in the coming years. It is interesting that Catapult IP Innovations is a completely new company, without any products for sale. It is...

Sony 1

Sony Buys Bungie For $3.6 billion


Sony is buying Bungie, the company that developed the popular games Destiny and Halo, for $3.6 billion. The news of the acquisition comes shortly after Microsoft announced that it is buying Activision Blizzard for $ 68.7 billion, a company known for a series of hit games such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. As Bungie CEO Pete Parsons posted on his blog, Bungie will "continue to independently publish and creatively develop games." "In CEE (Sony's subsidiary dedicated to entertainment and games) we have found a partner who unconditionally supports us in everything we are and wants to...

Windows11 1

Windows 11 Has Doubled The Number Of Installations On Computers


AdDuplex has updated its report, which records Windows 11 acceptance statistics. According to the analytical company, Windows 11 is installed on 16.1% of computers, which used Windows 10 or come with pre-installed Windows 11 software. AdDuplex has not released a new report since November last year, when Windows 11 was installed on 8.6 percent of computers. The latest statistics include data from December and January. Although Windows 11 has almost doubled its market share since November, Windows 10 21H2 has more than tripled its share over the same period. The research company points out that...

Motherboard 1

The EU Wants to Quadruple the Production of Microchips by 2030


The European Commission will soon unveil a plan to quadruple European production of electronic chips by 2030, and it will be one of the main initiatives of European industry, crucial from a geopolitical point of view. "We want to reach 20% of world production by 2030, knowing that the market should double by then. It is therefore a question for Europe to multiply its own production by four," said European Commissioner for Internal Trade Thierry Breton. for the French newspaper Les Echos. The global economy is now facing a shortage of semiconductors, while demand has increased due to increasing...

Apple Inc. 1

Still the Most Valuable Brand: Amazon and Google Left Behind


Apple retained the title of the most valuable world brand in 2022 with 355 billion dollars. Its value increased by 35 percent compared to last year, according to a new report, reports Anadolu Agency (AA). "Behind Apple are Amazon with $ 350 and Google with $ 263 billion," according to the latest report from Brand Finance, the world's leading brand valuation consulting firm.

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Facebook and Instagram are preparing to enter the NFT market


Meta platforms will give users the opportunity to display their token collections on their profiles. Facebook and Instagram are creating a future in which users will have the opportunity to display irreplaceable tokens (NFTs) they have on their social media profiles. Teams working on it are currently developing a prototype that will help users create collector's tokens, according to sources familiar with the situation. Two people, who wished to remain anonymous, also stated that the company Meta is considering creating a store for NFT trading. The project, they say, is still in the early...