TikTok 1

Targeted Victory worked against TikTok, trying to present TikTok as an application that is a danger to American children and American society through the media and lobbying through its campaign, reports the "Washington Post".

The Washington Post states that Targeted Victory aimed to send a message to the world, that although Meta is currently a bag for hitting the whole world, that TikTok is in fact the greatest danger to children and society, especially as a foreign application and currently a number one in the world, and spreads propaganda through its platform.

The American media report that all this was in an e-mail sent by the director of the company to his employees so that they would know what it was about and what they should do.

TikTok surpassed Facebook and Instagram in the number of downloaded applications, and Meta tried to lower TikTok's reputation through this company, reports the "Washington Post", which came into possession of emails circulating with Targeted Victory as instructions on how to attack TikTok.

Also, they pushed this story through all the media they could reach.

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