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Organizational budgeting 1

Organizational Budgeting


As a financial officer, you have a job to do, especially if your organization does frequent business transactions, budgeting. Budgeting is a tool used to plan and manage your financial resources. These are the guidelines for your future strategy, which are expressed from time to time. Read Also: Accounting: Imperative Financial Task No budget is complicated. It is an organizational tool used to plan and control cash flow. Also, these are formal written guidelines for your future strategy, which are expressed financially from time to time. Organizational Budgeting Types Not all organizational...

Key functions of business operations 1

Key functions of Business Operations


Business Operations Business operations are the activities that businesses engage in based on the increase in the enterprise's value and earns a profit. The things that include business operations are the location of your business processes, resources, and other tools you will need to convert input into output. Input includes raw material labor and capital, where outputs are goods and services. Business operations are set up, then you need to decide your team and leader of the group. You must find your business operation champion. Perform an operation audit and start hiring. Make a road map...

Financial help rescue 1

COVID-19 Tribulations: A Global Financial Setback

Year 2020 has never been so forgiving; the world witnessed a sudden temporary and exhausting pause in terms of social and economic meltdown that plummeted us by surprise. Covid-19 hit the world by storm and brought us rock bottom. We endured a great squandering of livelihood specifically businesses. Jobs were lost, most small and businesses were either shut down or needed to lay- off employees just to sustain and cope up with high purchasing demands with limited number of customers willing to shell out for goods and services. As much as the world needed to reopen and regain what was greatly...

Brand management 1

Brand Management

It is the process of managing your brand's reputation and improving your audience's perception of your brand in a way that promotes equity and loyalty. Branding is the process of establishing your brand. Brand management is overseeing and maintaining it. Purpose of Brand Management 1. Distinguish a company's products and services from those of its competitors. 2. Convince the buyer for the product 3. Deliver a brand message in full 4. Build customer loyalty 5. Connect emotionally with customers Why is brand management critical? Brand management is a branding component that involves maintaining...